About Horrid

HORRID originated as a way to use darkness to fuel creation. Through exploring our own psychologies, we can initiate a wonderful transformation. HORRID Magazine is deeply rooted in experience-based research and open discussion of dark and taboo topics. Since its creation, HORRID has grown into a platform and community for dark artists around the globe.

Our Team

Blake Lockard

director of digital design

Blake is a digital designer, artist, and photographer based in Denver, Colorado. He's been practicing his craft since 2010. While his main focus is designing websites, Blake is also passionate about creating digital artwork. By combining his loves for digital art and website design, Blake created the HORRID website. He's a full-stack creative with a great eye for detail and style.

jake Boes


Jake is a musician and graphic designer with a decade of experience. His DIY aesthetic is inspired by science fiction and death metal. He’s a consistent collaborator for HORRID Magazine, as well as designing graphics, editing, conceptualizing, and writing.