ARTIST FEATURE: Saint Strange, an obscure modern collage artist.

Artist Feature and Interview of Saint Strange

Hey! We are huge fans of collage, so naturally, disturbing collages peaked our interests. Take a deeper look at the work of collage artist Saint Strange, featured in Volume 4 Issue One: Astral Projections.

Saint Strange artist portrait

I am Saint Strange , my artist name has been modified to express the conflicting war in our world that involves the beauty of those that do good but the reflective nature of humans show the ugliness that we have conditioned ourselves to fall into. My art has many subjects to them which are true stories of peoples traumatic experiences. I have made my own art style called Erlbenisse Obscure Modern Art.

What are some of your main inspirations as a dark artist?

I love paranormal, occult, serial killer, alien type stuff. But I also like the disturbing subtle things that life brings us...the idea that pain can make us grow is a large inspiration for me.

Do you have any favorite dark artists?

As of right now, not anyone that is real, I have had multiple dreams that come by to me which show a girl that is painting a mural with a paint brush that was made from dead rotting birds. I’ve always wanted to try to replicate her work.

What is your ritual in your collage-making?

I start with a subject that I am wanting to explore, just like method acting that actors do, I do the same thing in a variety of ways, sitting down with those that have told me about their traumatic situations is the first step, second and third step is where the rest of the magic happens, through physical and digital manipulation , all of it holds so much power once the finished product is done.

Do you listen to certain music, watch horror movies or have a certain process?

H.R Geiger is such a big influence to me but I also flock to more theatrical emotional aspects like a Bjorks’s “dancer in the dark”. My other influences are musical artists such as Sadistik, Korn, Aesop Rock. I have also enjoyed the Hannibal tv show also, it brings me joy that I can feel the same about certain aspects of life that others can.

What drives you to create? How do you hope that your work affects people, or what do you hope people get out of your work?

In a lot of ways , I want people to feel the nostalgia of pain that made them grow into a more efficient person, the efficiency part is subjective, as long as they feel as if they are succeeding in their own endeavors  because of my influence of art work giving them a baptism of fire.

What is your favorite science fiction book or movie?

ANYTHING FROM Justin Fulkerson, his books are the most twisted horror literature that I have set my eyes on. In fact I am working on several products with him as far as book covers goes, feel free to look him up and buy his books.

Anything else you’d like to add about your work? How can people find you?

I am beyond blessed to have the following group that I have. They are a society of strong willed Saints that will stop at nothing to live their fullest lives and evolve into a more developed and adapting person. If you are wanting to join the Strange Saint Society, look it up on Facebook, we are currently looking for new members.

My future as of right now is starting my own studio with artists that are like minded, to create a whole new kind of art style and new art community.

You can search for “Saint Strange” on Facebook and it will take you directly to me. Add and like the page, let’s support the each other the best way possible.