Featured: Submitters!

A peak inside some of the submissions!

With the drop of the new website, I am stoked to have received so many amazing submissions from artists around the country! Being able to share dark art and create a community of discussion of dark and taboo topics are pillars of HORRID Magazine, and I wanted to share some work from artists that have submitted to the magazine so far!

Created by: Taylor Stone @persephone_stone

Starring: Kaila Marie Elwell

‍Created by: Willym Brown @starberry_hive

Model: Elisa Campagna @la_modella_campagna

Created by: Caleb Jensen @calebjonphoto

Starring: Juliet Payne @jjuuulless

Created by: Alisha Light @alightp

Starring: Letrey Taylor @thetreytaylor

Styling by: Aaron Rodriguez @theblackcurtain_


Created by: Trent Moriarty @moriarty_media

Starring: Steffie Dean @beauty_n_dirt


Created by: Seda Stepanyan, IG @sedsphotography

Starring: Grey Crouch, IG: @fawngrey

Of course, these aren’t submissions in the actual magazine, or even all of the featured artists! To see the submissions chosen for print, you can purchase Volume One Issue Two & Volume One Issue Three!

To submit your own work for online or print publication, click here!