Featured: Volume Two Issue One

The first issue was inspired by my long standing love of true crime. Since I was a child, watching Law & Order SVU with my mom, I was intrigued by the real horror stories that occur in our society. We have all heard the "can't look away from a train wreck" theory, but I never truly understood my fascination. I want to say, I have the deepest sympathy for the victims & families of these horrendous crimes. I would never want to glamorize the crimes or their perpetrators.

When I began reading I'll Be Gone in the Dark by the late Michelle McNamara, I started to understand. Like her, I was fascinated by the psychology of the killer. It wasn't as much about the blood, or the killing. For me, I was curious about what happened inside the brain of the monster. As a photographer, the photos collected at the crime scene told a deeper story. The ligatures, made out of different colored ropes, or the way the killer drank half of a beer before slowly leaving.

This issue is HORRID's first dive into the world of true crime. Although recently its seemed to gain more recognition, true crime has and will always be a part of popular culture. There are innumerable amounts of documentaries, books, and podcasts on serial killers and criminals from around the world.

Volume Two Issue One is an Encyclopedia of the Killer's Brain. I chose six heavy-hitters and delved into the psychology behind their lives and crimes. Each section includes a collection of evidence from police reports, and with the help of Murderpedia (a true-crime Wikipedia) I pieced together notes about their psychology. I also included photographs from the crime scenes, avoiding brutal images of the victims, and instead focusing on the small details.

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