NOW OPEN: Apparition Bar!

NOW OPEN: Apparition Bar, a bar for the the dead

They are finally here! Apparition Bar: a bar for the the dead. They have opened their doors this October at 1490 Eudora Street in Denver. They will be open Thursdays through Sundays from 6pm-1am serving spookiness. We spoke with Apparition Bar, and got the scoop on what they are all about. Read below! 

1. We are super excited to talk to Apparition Bar Denver today, can you tell us a little bit about the bar?

Apparition is a bar for the dead - by the dead. It is only available for a short amount of time around the harvest when the veil between our worlds is the thinnest.

This spookeasy experience will allow the living a brief opportunity to come and enjoy cocktails not meant for mortal consumption - terrifying horror movies in a cup like the Xenomorph, which uses szechuan peppercorns to numb the taste buds prior to consumption of the cocktail or the Nosferatu, a pitch black cocktail created with a smokey mezcal and activated charcoal.

2. What will the Denver pop-up of Apparition Bar look like?

Apparition will be haunting the halls of the Denver Game Lounge. The idyllic setting of the board game bar will be transformed into a creepy cocktail experience - much akin to drinking in a haunted house. Expect fog, jack o lanterns and ghouliest and geists!

3. What drew you guys towards creating a horror themed pop-up?

I have loved Halloween as long as I could talk, and grew up creating haunted houses in the basement with my uncle Mike. This is a way in which I've been able to transform that love of Halloween into a creepy career.

4. What kind of community are you hoping to create or appeal to?

This is a bar for everyone who loves spookiness and Halloween. The cocktails are strange and unusual, and we invite all adventurous people to come try them out!

5. Where will you guys be located?

Denver Game Lounge - 1490 Eudora St, Denver, CO 80220

6. We can't wait to visit you guys, what days will you be popping up and what hours are you open?

Starting October 1st we will be open every Thursday-Sunday up until Halloween! Hours are 6 PM - 1 AM

7. Is there anything else you'd like us to know about the bar?

Doors will open at 6 PM, it is all done on a first come, first serve basis, and masks are required. See you there - if you dare!