Spell Candles

Handmade in the Rocky Mountains by a practicing witch with intention. Made with soy wax, essential oils, and natural ingredients.


Scented with honeysuckle, patchouli, bergamot & cinnamon and topped with a lucky money & cinnamon to attract and encourage luck, success & wealth both financial and beyond. Be specific in your abundance spell, meditating on need, not greed. Perform on a waxing moon, on a Sunday for a new abundance, or Thursday to increase something you already have.


Scented with lavender, sage, blue spruce & rosemary and topped with dried lavender, sage & chamomile to cleanse a space of bad energy and protect its inhabitants, relieving anxiety and fear. Best if burned on a waning moon for old energy, a waxing moon for a new blessing, or a New Moon for a combination of both, on a Sunday or Monday. Should be repeated yearly or following anything traumatic.


Scented with lilac & sweet orange and topped with orange flowers & parsley to boost creative energy and encourage success in all creative endeavors. Use in combination with your creative tools in ritual. Best if used on a waxing moon on Sunday for joy and success.


Scented with jasmine & peach and topped with rose buds, jasmine flowers & fig to attract and supply love and passion in your life. Best if burned in combination with your favorite love spell on a waxing moon on a Monday or a Friday.


Scented with sandalwood, frankincense & sugar cookies and topped with forget-me-not & babies breath flowers to promote remembrance and to honor a dead loved one. Use in combination with personal effects of the dead and/or a hand-written letter addressed to them in ritual. Best if used on a full moon on the anniversary of their death.


Scented with cedarwood, apple & lemon and topped with a lemon slice to aid in healing both mental and physical ailments. Best used while journaling, meditating or during therapeutic practices. When taking a bath, light the healing candle and when you are finished, drain the bath to symbolize draining the power of what you are healing from. Most powerful when burnt on a waxing moon on a Sunday or Monday.


Scented with magnolia & dragon's blood and topped with fern leaves, frankincense & myrrh stones to protect yourself, your belongings or your space. Best used on an altar, or in combination with the cleansing spell candle or sage smudging. Best if used during a new moon on a Monday, Thursday or Sunday.


Scented with hibiscus, violet & peppermint and topped with lemongrass & lilies to aid in increasing mental power and ability. Use when studying, when you need to commit things to memory, or conducting a spell or ritual that requires increased mental concentration. Light on a full moon or a Saturday for knowledge, Monday for psychic work or a Wednesday for memory.

$18 each or $30 for two candles.